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BLS - Basic Life Support

BLS training is designed for the entire hospital staff on the subject of child resuscitation. The course includes three degrees of difficulty according to the target population.


A basic course - designed for the paramedical staff (secretaries, laboratory technicians, X-ray technicians, occupational therapists, management, unskilled assistants, psychologists, dieticians, social workers, hospital attendants, security guards, pharmacists, medical equipment technicians) concerned with instruction in basic resuscitation by one person until the arrival of a qualified team in resuscitation. In the basic course emphasis is placed on the operation of the AED  appliance and on the activation of the "resuscitation code".


An advanced course - designed for the medical staff of special units such as emergency medicine, general intensive care, cardiologic intensive care, anesthetizing and a ward for premature babies.

The course is based on a surprise exercise in which the participants perform a simulation on the basis of scenarios structured in advance and adapted to the unit. Every team performs two scenarios and receives feed-back. In the advanced course an emphasis is placed on all aspects of advanced resuscitation, starting from the management of resuscitation, administration of medicaments and electric shock and at the end - communication with the patient and updating of the family.

BLS - Basic Life Support
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