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Introducing Simultech

Welcome to Simultech - the center for medical simulation of the Clalit Health Services, stationed at the Medical Center Meir, Kfar Saba, since 2009.


In this training center the trainees are exposed to various clinical scenarios requiring medical knowledge, technical skills and communication with patients. The training uses innovative  procedures developed specifically for this environment. The training is provided on an individual basis, structured and adapted to the trainee`s background. All the stages of the procedure are photographed and computerized. Simultech is an independent super-organizational center available for all medical teams inside the General Health Services and outside the organization.


This website will enable you to get to know the simulations and activities performed at the center, and request any additional information concerning medical simulation and training.


Simultech is based on the idea that high-quality training produces high quality results and we in Simultech are turning this vision into reality.

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