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Training in the Central Vein

Training in the central vein was  implemented in order to reduce the number of contaminations  related to the central catheter (CLABSI)  referring to findings published in the State Comptroller`s report,  according to which approximately 5000 patients per year die of contaminations acquired in hospitals. The most wide-spread contamination is blood contamination, caused primarily by the central catheter.


The training is divided into two main sub-topics:

Maintenance - training designed for the nursing staff responsible for preventing contaminations with the aim of introducing a unified technique to deal with the central catheter.

In every training session two members of the nursing staff practice the delivery/change of TPN and the change of dressing. In every scenario one trainee practices and the other observes him. The feedback is given on a group basis.


Training in insertion - Training intended for doctors and nursing staff with the aim of  practicing the insertion of a central catheter with Ultrasound control, employing a uniform and useful technique to prevent contamination.


The training is composed of two scenarios, the first is simple and the second involves common complications in the insertion of a central catheter. In every scenario the insertion is performed on a different vein in the body; subclavian/jugular. Between the scenarios a feedback is given by thea physician and a member of the nursing staff.

אימון וריד מרכזי
אימון וריד מרכזי
אימון וריד מרכזי
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