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The aim of the course is to impart the knowledge and skill required for basic and advanced resuscitation of children. The program of the course is based on the courses developed by the American Cardiologic Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Since 2015 the course is delivered in a new format, expanded and updated, based on group instruction in small groups of 12 participants in every course. It takes place once a month in Simultech.

The present course is also oriented towards group work. Simultech is recognized as an international training website for the American (AHA) and at the end of the course we issue a PALS certificate to the successful graduates.

The program of the course includes stations of skill, instruction with the help of Video films, practical exercises with advanced exercising dolls and discussion of the most important issues in child resuscitation.

The course is intended for doctors, nurses and paramedics. From the year 2005 it is obligatory for every doctor specializing in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine in order to become authorized as a specialist.

The course is also a precondition for the staff of a hospital catering to children (to be accredited to care for children in states of emergency (doctors, nurses from children`s intensive units for child care, and child anesthetists.
In addition, according to the Ministry of Health regulations, the course is obligatory for any hospital offering sedation to children. It is also recommended to military physicians and any nurses, paramedics or doctors apt to care for children in an emergency or critical situation.

קורס Pals
קורס Pals
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