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Examination of the  Basin (Pelvis) - Students


As for today the ability of students to conduct a gynecological examination in the course of their clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology, has decreased. Hence the need arose to create a simulator in order to conduct gynecological examinations and to practice various scenarios in the field. The area of communication between the doctor and the patient has also become a central issue in the doctor`s practice and, therefore, it is important to learn and practice it in medical examinations in general and in Gynecology in particular. This is possible in the framework of a day of training at Simultech.

The training program integrates the improvement of the skills of the physical gynecological examination and those of inter-personal communication between the medical students. (What about communication between doctors and patients? M.K.)


The Aims of Training

Practicing examination of the basin (pelvis) and diagnosis of the findings.

Enhancing consciousness concerning the sensitivity of the situation.

Enhancing the sense of ability to deal with the various aspects of gynecological examinations.

Improving communication with the patients: collecting information, relevant discussions, identifying the patient`s capacity of comprehension, imparting and verifying information.


Learning Method

Individual training using the clinical female pelvic trainer.

Simulative scenarios with actresses.

Every station is examined and computerized by a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a female instructor from the simulation center.


The training day also includes additional stations: training in surgical skills and decoding of Ultrasound pictures.

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