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Point of Care- Ultrasound

The Point of Care program is designed for the training of internists in Ultrasound technology.

The project includes a theoretical and practical training course, at the end of which the trainee will be able to examine cases and document them using a mobile Ultrasound appliance in the department.


The training program includes a day of study devoted to the study of theoretical subjects to be practiced on patients in the ward, and another day of practical training in Simultech on an innovative appliance VSCAN, under the guidance of an instructor.


The practical instruction in the wards will take approximately 2 months under the guidance of a senior female US technician attending the project. After the practical training the trainees will return to training summarizing capacities in Simultech.

The main areas of training are free fluid in the stomach, pleural and pericardial effusion, the bladder and the liver.


The trainees learn the basics of US and are exposed to an innovative technology that improves and facilitates their practice in the ward.

Point of Care- Ultrasound
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