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School of Surgery

The Hospital Division of the General Health Services has chosen to train residents in surgery in the early stage of their career. For this purpose the school of surgery was established with the aim of offering appropriate training to enable them to fulfill their role in the environment of the operation theatre, and provide them with a sound professional basis and relevant skills for the job.


The activity focuses on imparting basic skills for work in the environment of the operation theatre to all physicians specializing in various areas of surgery (general, urology, ears and throat, ophthalmology and orthopedic surgery) even before they have reached the surgical departments in which they were accepted for specialization.

The training in the workshop takes five consecutive days and focuses on the work processes in the environment of the operation theatre, acquiring basic skills in surgery, including familiarity with the equipment, exercising ? in the operation theatre, analysis of safety events in the operation theatre.


The professional part of the course is led by the content expert of the course - a senior general surgeon, together with a senior operation theatre nurse and a simultech instructor.

בית ספר לכירורגיה
בית ספר לכירורגיה
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